Dermopigmentation vitiligo treatment.

Covering vitiligo with a paramedical dermopigmentation treatment could be the right solution for you. We are talking about a tattoo using the colour of your skin. Even though this treatment does not represent the ultimate solution to your problem, it can still be quite helpful.

Unfortunately, covering vitiligo is not that easy, if we consider that skin can change its colour when exposed to sunlight, while the colours used to cover vitiligo can not. Therefore, you should try to avoid this situation as much as possible after the treatment, if you want to get more natural results.

We should mention the fact that this treatment can not be performed in all cases, since vitiligo can be in its active phase. On other occasions I’ve noticed that sometimes, when covering a white spot, this one tended to expand its edges.

copertura vitiligine

Allargamento zona chiara in seguito a copertura vitiligine

Despite these side effects, usually we are able to get excellent results. Before starting the treatment, we should run a colour test on the affected area, to see if we can perform the treatment. Based on the result of this test, in fact, we can get a pretty good idea about the possible reaction of your skin.

What are the areas affected by vitiligo that can be treated with dermopigmentation?

  • Genitals affected by vitiligo
  • back of the hands affected by vitiligo
  • knees and elbows affected by vitiligo
  • face affected by vitiligo
  • breast and areolas affected by vitiligo

Here you will find some pictures showing the excellent results of this treatment


If you are affected by vitiligo and you want to try dermopigmentation, I suggest you to make an appointment for a consultation or a colour test, so we could meet in person and discuss the details of this treatment. A test is required to know if you are eligible for this treatment or not. If you want to book a consultation, please send us an email including JUST ONE PICTURE of the area to be treated. My staff will reply as soon as possible, with a few comments. The, we will decide together whether to schedule an appointment for a colour test or not.
Unfortunately, this disease is often underestimated and sometimes people do not really understand how important it is to find a solution. In my career, I’ve heard and seen a lot, and I know what you have gone through: medicines, excimer laser, immunomodulators, cortisone, PUVA, etc… Well, I do not want to sound arrogant, but this technique can really be a possible solution. This treatment is able to offer CONCRETE RESULTS, although now you may think you are hopeless.

I’ll see you in my studio. Just for a chat.