Pictures and examples of Hair pigmentation treatments performed by Ennio Orsini

These pictures show the possible results you can obtain from Hair pigmentation treatments through the use of this technique. However, I think that these pictures do not do justice to this amazing technique. My advice is to make an appointment in my studio in Sulmona to talk with me and discuss together the treatments performed and showed in the pictures and decide what is the best solution for you.

foto tricopigmentazione

Sometimes people choose bizarre hairlines, too accentuated or “questionable” shapes, but we will decide together, with my support, both the colour (lighter or darker) and the shape (round or edgy hairlines) which are best for you. You should not decide based on these pictures, because there is much more to discuss and each case is different from the other.

If you want to learn more about Hair pigmentation and see more pictures of this amazing technique created by Ennio ORSINI in 1998, please visit

Most of the hairlines shown in the pictures will tend to adapt within a few days and will be much more natural than expected. The pictures show classic treatments performed on scalps affected by androgenetic alopecia, but also some treatments performed to cover scars due to hair transplantation and other types of alopecia. The pictures show some treatments performed both with the bounce technique (shaved effect), with the short hair (dermatoppik) and the Tricoroller technique (dermatoppik).

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