What is permanent makeup

Trucco permanenteLet’s start by saying that there are many clichés about aesthetic treatments, including permanent makeup. There are so many unfounded and illogical rumours on permanent or semi-permanent makeup! Let’s start with its name: Permanent make-up. In fact, you may think that semi-permanent make-up is different from permanent makeup, but this is not true! Semi-permanent makeup does not last less than permanent makeup, as many believe. The two terms identify the exact same thing. Technically and formally “Permanent make-up” means that bioabsorbable pigments are mechanically introduced into the dermis, through non-hollow needles. In other words, permanent makeup is like a classic tattoo, but it’s on the face and is made with different “colours” and equipment, that’s all! If you are not convinced of what I just said, just look up the etymology of the word permanence, and you will realise that the concept of permanence is not a synonym for eternity, or even infinite. More simply, “permanence” is a non-specified long-term period; the word “semi-permanent” does not make any sense, although it is one of the most searched keywords on the Internet! The pair of keywords “permanent makeup” is searched on google about 20% less than “semi-permanent makeup.” Moreover, the word semi-permanent does not even exist, because it is an arbitrary term invented by the companies at the end of the ’80s, in order to make people believe that the treatment was temporary! But experience teaches us that it was not like that, in fact, no one can say whether or not permanent makeup will disappear from the skin.
One more thing you should know about permanent makeup, about clichés and false beliefs, is that nowadays allergies to these colours are very rare! Currently, in fact, only highly controlled products complying with the current rules are used. Technical and quality standards are now pretty high, so if you contact a qualified professional and a centre authorised by the ASL, you can just relax and enjoy the great benefits that permanent makeup offers!


trucco permanentePermanent makeup is not only suitable for those who have visible “problems”, such as thinning eyebrows or eyelashes, lip hypopigmentation, small scars due to herpes, asymmetrical mouth and eyebrows, etc.. but it can improve any look, both of men and women! For example, I have enhanced my eye contour with an eye-linear treatment! And people notice it only when I mention it! In short, permanent makeup treatments, if performed by the right person, can really give you that extra touch that will make you look even prettier than you already are. Do you want to have perfect but natural eyebrows, more defined or perfect emphasized lips? Would you like to have more intense and penetrating eyes? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate to visit all the other sections of the website: our blog on permanent makeup, FAQs, our gallery, and finally our contact page.

Treatment procedure

A session of permanent makeup consists of three phases: design, sketch and implementation. A session lasts about two hours.
Design. With a sterile felt we draw the shape of the eyebrow, lips or eye contour, according to the treatment to be performed. Then the operator (me), and the customer (you), will discuss the best way to perform the treatment. Usually it is the operator who offers the solutions to be discussed. This phase can take up to an hour! Once this phase is over, the customer looks in the mirror to decide if that is the right solution, then he authorises the operator to move to the second important phase of permanent makeup.
Sketch. The goal of each operator should be to ensure that the design corresponds to the final result. This result can be achieved by using the dermograph around the design, with a light colour and moderate pressure. This will lead to what is called “epidermal contour”, that is a thin line drawn exactly on the perimeter of the design. At this point you can erase the design, without being afraid of losing the sketch approved by the customer. Once the zero line is drawn, the area is treated to reduce the pain with some specific products.
Implementation. When the area has lost all sensitivity, the third and last phase, that is the real procedure, can finally begin. At the end of the session, a soothing cream is applied and the customer is informed the procedure to follow so that the treated area heals completely
At the end of the session and during the following 10 days, the area will look darker than expected, but, when completely healed, the colour of the treated area will be the one you desired.

How long does permanent makeup last?

As already mentioned, no one can say how long permanent makeup will last. It depends on too many factors, including:

• The individual phagocytosis
• The age of the individual (closely related to the previous factor)
• The individual healing ability after the treatment
• The individual anatomy of the scalp
• The type of pigment pushed into the dermis
• The manual technique used to perform the treatment
• Prolonged sun exposure or use of tanning lamps
• The use of corticosteroids and anticoagulants

According to the above, we can barely say that the treatment will maintain a decent appearance for about 8-12 months. But, to reach 12 months, you should undergo a second treatment session to be performed about 50 days after the first session. Without a second session, it will be difficult to maintain the treatment for 8 months. Obviously, you should know that the pigments will gradually disappear. You will not you wake up one morning without permanent makeup! It will take 2-5 years before permanent makeup disappears completely. Although the pigment is designed to be absorbed completely, it may happen that this mechanism does not work and that, once disappeared, permanent makeup could leave a barely noticeable mark (almost invisible) on the treated area. But, in the vast majority of cases, the treated area will be back to normal. As for lip liner, the colour disappears more slowly, while eyeliner and eyebrow treatments will last less.

In elderly subjects, the disappearance of permanent makeup is not guaranteed because phagocytosis (a mechanism used by the human body to clean up the body from foreign substances) is very slow.

Lip liner

What is it?

Lip liner is the most satisfactory treatment for women over 35 years. That is because the final effect is quite natural. Forget about the classic black line at the lip contour! That is just bad permanent makeup! A good permanent makeup treatment uses only very natural pigments and innovative techniques to blend the colour form the edge to the centre of the lips, just like when we use a lip pencil. The final effect is very natural, almost imperceptible. This treatment will make you feel more attractive and elegant. You could choose to use some beige pigments, just outside the lip line, to obtain greater volume.


Permanent lip liner treatments, in addition to emphasize the shape of your lips, can also be used to adjust an asymmetrical shape or a cupid’s bow. Sometimes, lip asymmetry is caused by irregular teeth. For people who suffer from herpes, permanent makeup can be the right solution, where the contour lip is jagged or, in some cases, totally faded. Furthermore, this treatment is very useful for those who use lip liner on a regular basis, since, besides making your lips more beautiful, it is also quite convenient, because it allows you to say goodbye to uncomfortable pencils and to redraw the shape of your lips once and for all.

How long does lip permanent makeup last?

As for lip liner treatments, a second session, about 50 days after the first, is crucial, not only to reinforce the treatment, but also to better redefine and blend the colour towards the centre of the mouth. That is because lips have three different tissues to be treated, the dermis, the mucosa and the transition zone or vermilion. These three different conditions will cause three different results, that will be adjusted during the second session. A second session is also required to restore the damage caused by the onset of a post-treatment herpes, which could result in the disappearance of the colour pushed under the skin.
This phenomenon could ruin the continuity of the lip liner. To learn more about this issue, you can read the article on our blog: “the enemy of lip permanent makeup”.

If you want to schedule an appointment but you do not know where to start, please read the FAQ page on our website: http://www.ennioorsini.com/en/faq

Eyebrow permanent makeup

What is it?

In my opinion this is the king of all permanent makeup treatments, because it can change the face of a person completely, but it will still look natural. Forget those ugly and unnatural shapes that you may have seen around, because today, thanks to some innovative three-dimensional techniques, we can recreate the effect of real and natural eyebrows. I am talking about hair stroke technique (also known as hair simulation technique). Look at some examples in our gallery. This technique consists in tracing of small, slightly curved dashes, towards the original directions of the hairs. These “dashes” are traced with different colours, lighter and darker shades, to create optical illusions that allow permanent makeup to blend perfectly with your existing hairs. The secret is to design a new shape that is not very different from the original shape, so as to ensure an exact match between the facial expressions of your face and your moods.
In addition to redesign beautiful new eyebrows, we can also create some lighting effects in the outer corner of the eyebrow. This will make your eyes brighter, opening your eyes and emphasizing the bottom line of the eyebrow. Amazing.


Eyebrow permanent makeup is the ideal solution for those individuals affected not only by eyebrow thinning, but also by alopecia or albinism. Individuals with eyebrow scars or very asymmetrical eyebrows. Burn victims or, more simply, people who wish to have a more defined line to follow when using a tweezer, thus avoiding the possibility to impair the shape of their eyebrows. In short, this treatment is suitable for everyone, men or women, young and older adults.

How long does eyebrow permanent makeup last?

Unfortunately, the results of this treatments do not last long. That is why I recommend a second session, to be scheduled about 50 days after the first. Imagine you are painting a wall. As you know, the first coat is not enough to reach the colour you need. And, if you keep painting the wall, you could get even worse results. The only thing to do is wait for the paint to dry and intervene with a second coat of paint. Only in this way you will get an even colour which corresponds to the one you chose! It’s the same for eyebrows, especially for hair simulation techniques, which are more natural, but also more difficult to perform. After the second session, your new eyebrows will last for more than 8 months. It is very likely that the colour injected disappears almost completely already after less than two years.

How much does eyebrow permanent makeup cost?

To learn more about the costs of eyebrow permanent makeup, please go the dedicated section. The rates mentioned in this page are those applied to eyebrow permanent makeup treatments performed at my studio in Sulmona.

Areola restoration

What is it?

Areola aesthetic dermopigmentation is strictly linked to permanent makeup, since this treatment falls within cosmetic dermopigmentation procedures, but is also known as paramedical micropigmentation. And, among all paramedical micropigmentation treatments, areola restoration is the most popular. The reason is that in recent years there has been a considerable increase in the number of breast surgical procedures, both for tumour removals and for aesthetic reasons, that is mastectomy and mastoplasty procedures. Every surgery leaves a scar, however, most of these are located around the areola: periareolar scars, this is their name. To hide these scars, some permanent makeup bioabsorbable colours are often used, but in some situations also permanent colours can be used (indelible). However, this treatment uses the same technique of permanent makeup, it’s like a “special” tattoo, which is performed with different equipment and for different reasons.


Areola restoration is a treatment used to redefine and improve the following surgeries:

Techniques used for areola restoration

In this field there have been major technical advances in recent years. A few years ago, the result was very fake. It was just a patterned and flat circle. Just like an inflatable doll! But today you can the result is much more natural and realistic.
Immediately after treatment, the areola appears darker, but after a few days the colour becomes considerably lighter, thus creating a much more natural effect.

Treatment procedure

To treat periareolar scars, we use the following procedure. First, the area is treated to reduce pain, with the application of specific products. In this way, the customer will not feel pain during the treatment.
Then, we start using the dermograph on the scar. The colour just pushed under the skin will appear immediately much darker than it should be.
Once the colour is lighter, the result will be a natural pattern.
Finally, the colour is blended from the outside inwards, to create the exact colour chosen by the customer.

How long does areola restoration last?

90% of these treatments are performed with bioabsorbable colours, then you need at least two initial sessions at a distance of at least 50 days. The result will last for almost one year, then you will need a new session. The procedure with bioabsorbable pigments is the best solution, because it allows to adapt the colour to the modifications of the areola over time and because it prevents undesired colour changes. Using permanent pigments, although more convenient, is risky, because such pigments may change over time, thus resulting in undesired colour changes.


I suggest you to consult my blog on PERMANENT MAKEUP, where you can find many articles on the subject, examples and other information you may need before choosing to undergo one of these treatments.
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