Here are some of my works: below you will find all the pictures of permanent makeup treatments!

Foto trucco permanente

Most of these pictures show permanent makeup treatments JUST PERFORMED. After about a week, the colour will lighten considerably, thus creating a much more natural effect! For more information on dermopigmentation treatments and the whole procedure, you can read the information contained in the page dedicated to permanent makeup.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send an email to the address you will find in the contact page.

Do not choose an operator just for the pictures posted. Find a way to meet him in person, so you will have the chance to understand if he is the person you are looking for!

When you look at the pictures, please consider that you could not like the shapes chosen by those customers, and try to judge what you see only by its technique and precision, and not by the specific subjective choices of our customers. In other words, each to his own!
But the opposite is also true. Try not to choose shapes and colours of eyebrows and lips just because you saw them on a picture. Some customers come to me with pictures of celebrities and they ask me to reproduce what they see (I call them holy pictures!))

If you like to play with images, you can use the system that I created to simulate your new eyebrows, and see what is the right shape for you. Just visit


Here are my latest permanent makeup pictures


Older permanent makeup pictures…