Permanent Make-Up – Seminar

-Demonstrative Seminar-

Realistic Eyebrow

Introducing the new operating protocol for the construction of a realistic three-dimensional dermopigmentation of eyebrow.



Objective: This seminar aims to transmit a method specially created by Ennio Orsini for the creation of a realistic eyebrow. Once you have mastered the method will be possible to treat cases of alopecia areata or universal alopacia both male and female, as well as all those cases where intervention is required repigmentation of the eyebrow particularly three-dimensional.


Description: This seminar will split in two parts. In the first part there will be a theoretical explanation of the operative protocol. In the second part ENNIO Orsini will demonstrate live the above in the morning.

During the live session you can attend the full of execution of a realistic eyebrow, step by step, complete with a detailed description of the construction phases.

It will be possible to interact directly throughout the demonstration order to clarify techniques and doubts.


Admission Requirements: This seminar will appeal to operators who already have experience in this field of tattooing. It is not recommended for operators who have just completed basic levels of permanent makeup.



Type: Theoretical course with the help of PPT slides, with demonstration of Ennio Orsini on model.


Schedules : 9:30 – 13:30, 14:30 to 18:30.


Date: June 3, 2013


Materials Provided: Booklet, certificate of participation.


Study program:


• Geometry of the ideal eyebrow and nomenclature of reference points;

• Study of light and shade of the eyebrow;

• Needles and colors required for performance of the technique;

• Step by step: Design, epidermal traces, the basic structure, the nuance, the finishing touches;

• The positions of employment;

• Rules for a line of precision;

• The basic parameters;

• Variant male.


Cost and access restrictions: This seminar has a cost of 300 € + VAT. Registration is only possible on presale (subject to an approval), or by personal invitation. the event is limited.


Location: PINK INK viale Coni Zugna, 4.MILAN. ITALY


For info and registration: T. 02 36747032, M. 328 7856615, E-MAIL

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