The discipline designed to harmonise a face with the aim of making it more attractive, by performing some special treatments on eyebrows, lips and the eye area

tricopigmentazione icona


Application of dermopigmentation techniques to baldness and scalp scars. A technique created, developed and promoted by me in 1998

paramedicale icona


A set of treatments performed on mammary areolas, scars, area affected by vitiligo. Used to solve aesthetic problems where medicine and surgery can not help.

Who is Ennio Orsini?

A man who tried to concentrate all his forces to achieve one goal. Proud to be considered as a self-taught professional. I have learned everything I know through experience and thanks to my curiosity. Making mistakes, and learning from my mistakes.

I work in the fields of Dermopigmentation, Permanent makeup and Hair pigmentation. I love working as a teacher and I hope I will be able to transmit everything I have learned in this field to other operators who wish to share this passion and improve these amazing techniques.

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