cicatrici mastoplastica

Scars due to mastoplasty are the most common cosmetic problem for those who undergo cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, but this problem is often underestimated by those who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery. A very high number of women who CHOOSE breast surgery, say they are not fully satisfied because of the scars left by the surgery and this may impair the whole treatment.

But women often undergo mastoplasty to remove a tumour. In this case, mastoplasty scars can be covered by a very special dermopigmentation treatment called areola-nipple restoration. This treatment, usually performed after a mastectomy, can use both bioabsorbable colours (lasting up to 10/18 months), and permanent pigments (permanent solution).
If you are interested in this type of treatment, I suggest you to make an appointment in my studio, to discuss the details of this treatment and so that I can show you the possible results it can give.
There are different types of scars due to mastoplasty:
• scars due to mastoplasty (for breast augmentation)
• scars due to mastoplasty (for breast reduction)
• scars due to mastoplasty (for mastectomy)
• scars due to mastoplasty (for mastopexy)

Breast augmentation scars

cicatrici mastoplastica areolaThey can be semi-periareolar or periareolar. Periareolar scars are circular and surround the whole areola, while semi-periareolar scars surround only half of the areola, usually the lower half. Dermopigmentation can give good results in this case. the scars that are inside of the areola can be treated more easily.
Scars located at the edge of the areola are more complex. If you want my opinion on the quality of your scars, send me a picture and I will give you my comments on the treatment suitable for your specific case (together with the relevant quote).

Breast reduction or mastopexy scars

cicatrici mastoplastica mastopessiBeing partly periareolar and partly T-shaped, these scars are usually difficult to treat. In most cases, the scar comes out of the areola and goes vertically downward to meet another portion of the horizontal scar which is usually covered by the breast. Usually, I do not treat the portion of scar coming out of the areola, because I think the final result is not natural enough, but if you want to know if your T-shaped scar can be improved somehow, send me a picture and I will tell what I think. Anyway, the best tning to do in this case, is making an appointment in my studio.

Cicatrici mastoplastica da mastectomia

In these cases, we do not just cover the periareolar portion, but the whole portion involving the areola, including the nipple. The latter can be reconstructed with a chiaroscuro effect giving the illusion of a three-dimensional nipple. The final result, in my opinion, is very nice and better if combined with a surgical reconstruction of the nipple. I prefer performing this treatment using permanent pigments (permanent solution).

cicatrici mastoplastica tumore

Anyway, before scheduling your first session, I suggest you to make an appointment for a consultation in my studio, so that I can evaluate your situation and the quality of the scar tissue, since the final result depends a lot on this factor. Moreover, I could better explain to you what is the timing of this treatment, what are the possible results and the costs related to your specific treatment.
Below you will find some examples of this type of treatments.

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