Where do you work? Do you work also in Milan, Naples, Palermo, etc ...?
How can I schedule an appointment in Rome or in Milan?
How do I schedule a consultation with you in Sulmona?
How do I schedule a first session of treatment with you in Sulmona?
I would like to schedule an appointment with you but I live far away. How can I do? Is this consultation really necessary? Can I schedule an appointment for a consultation and the treatment on the same day ?


How much does eyebrow permanent makeup cost? How much for lip liner? How much for areola restoration? What are the prices for Hair pigmentation treatments?
I would like to schedule a consultation with you, how much does it cost?
I would like to carry out a colour test, just to understand how the treatment works. How much does it cost?
QWhat is the price for a one day individual course with you?
I need a technical report signed by you with your comments on the old treatment performed, since I am not satisfied with the results. How much does it cost?


I would like more information on Hair pigmentation treatments.
I am from xxxxxxxx, and I would like to know if you have some qualified specialists working in this area.
I would like to undergo a Hair pigmentation treatment, how much does it cost?
Can I see a live Hair pigmentation treatment?
From the pictures, I can see that Hair pigmentation can give pretty good results. Is this real or the final result may be not real enough?


What are the available formats for ebooks?
How can I download an e-book after purchasing it?
How can I open the e-book after downloading it?


How can I watch the DVD directly from the internet?