corso tricopigmentazioneIndividual Hair pigmentation training courses will give you the opportunity to work directly with Ennio ORSINI, in a qualifying customised path adaptable to your needs and requirements. Although they may seem more expensive, in terms of cost/days, in fact, being individual courses, they give you the information you need more accurately and efficiently, thus faster. Given the sensitivity of the subject, and also considering the fact these treatments are not easy to perform, this is undoubtedly the best possible solution.
Moreover, you are not required to bring your own equipment, since my school in Sulmona will provide you with everything you need.

This training course has become quite popular in recent years, since the chances of getting a job in this field are rising. A period of shadowing, after the training course, can also be arranged with our administrative office.

Hair pigmentation training course: program

1. Introduction:

   • The limits of hair transplantation, application fields of Hair pigmentation;
   • Psychological condition of those who underwent a hair transplantation;
   • Who’s it for?
   • Emotional side of our customer.

2. Baldness:
   • Overview;
   • Various types of baldness;
   • Description of Androgenic Alopecia;
   • The Hamilton scale;
   • The Norwood scale;
   • The Ludwig scale.

3. Hair transplant:
   • Strip method;
   • F.U.E. method;
   • Scar tissue;
   • Costs of a transplant;
   • Technical glossary with comments.

4. Dermopigmentation
   • Definition
   • The right depth and the consequences of the wrong depth
   • Timing of tissue healing after a dermopigmentation treatment
   • The 3 basic maneuvers
   • The 5 basic parameters of dermopigmentation
   • General rules of dermopigmentation

5. Equipment and special products
   • The importance of specific equipment: tricoderm needles, hair dermograph
   • Suitable and unsuitable colours.

6. Hair pigmentation:
   • The use of dermopigmentation in hair loss and scar tissues;
   • The current situation: analysis of errors due to improvisation;
   • The Bounce technique;
   • The Short Hair technique;
   • Timing and block diagram of a Hair pigmentation treatment;
   • Shaved effect: operating strategies;
   • Covering transplant scars;
   • Treatment procedure in prosthesis wearers;
   • Consultations;
   • Pre-treatment instructions;
   • Informed consent;
   • Project file;
   • Post-treatment memorandum;
   • Interaction with other products or systems: minoxidil, finasteride, prostheses, etc.;
   • Costs of Hair pigmentation treatments;

7. Conclusions:
   • After-course support;
   • Possibility of new refresher courses;
   • website;
   • Equipment upgrade.

Description of individual Hair pigmentation training course:

Duration and frequency of a Hair pigmentation course: 2 full days 9:30/13:30 – 14:30/18:30
Shadowing in the cabin to be arranged by appointment. Practice on real models IS NOT INCLUDED. In the absence of real models, students will practice on silicone material.
Costs of a Hair pigmentation training course: 8400,00 (+ VAT) for Italy. Price on application for other countries.

Notes: Prices include a MORELIA EVOLUTION equipment specific for Hair pigmentation treatments.

Start date: Arranged with the student. Please contact the coordinator of DECO STUDIO training course: Tel.: (0039) 0864568436 email:

Location: These courses are held exclusively in the private school of Sulmona (AQ).

Certificate issued: Certificate of Hair pigmentation individual course attendance signed by Ennio ORSINI + professional registration as a Hair pigmentation specialist
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