Permanent makeup individual training courses

These courses will give you the opportunity to work directly with Ennio ORSINI, in a qualifying customised path adaptable to your needs and requirements. Although they may seem more expensive, in terms of cost/days, in fact, being individual courses, they give you the information you need more accurately and efficiently, thus faster. Example: a permanent make-up group course of six days, can be easily replaced by an individual 2-3 day course! The precise number of days is very subjective and depends on the learning ability of the student. A person who starts from scratch needs at least 2 days of study, sometimes 3. A person who already know the basics of tattooing needs a maximum of 2 days. It is better if these study days are scheduled at a distance of 1 or 2 weeks. Finally, for refreshing or specialisation courses, designed for operators who already practice permanent makeup, one day may be sufficient.

The great advantage of individual permanent make training courses is that students can practice on real models with the supervision of Ennio ORSINI that will give you his suggestions to avoid any mistakes and will reveal all his secrets. Important: students will bring their own models (real men/women) that will be used to practice during the course (maybe relatives or close friends). This last aspect is very important, to learn how to perform the treatment in the best conditions and without making mistakes. Finally, students will perform autonomously the second session, to define the treatment, after about 50 days.

Moreover, in individual courses, students will not have to bring their own equipment, because they will use the equipment provided by our school. We do not sell the required equipment! We just sell our innovative technique!

In addition to permanent makeup training courses, here is the list of individual courses:

• Permanent makeup training course (this one)
• Dermopigmentation/paramedical micropigmentation training course
• Hair pigmentation training course
• Tattoo training course
• Piercing training course
• Qualifying regional training courses

Duration and frequency: from 1 to 3 study days (depending on the starting level) – 9:30/13: 30 – 14: 00/18: 00

Cost: € 1,500.00 + VAT (cost for a single day)

Starting date: to be determined by appointment with the student

Location: Permanent makeup individual courses and the other individual courses are held exclusively in Sulmona (AQ) at my private school.